Sunday, 27 February 2011

Dragon and Sage - Zbrush Sketches

Been having a bit of Zbrush fun lately.  It's all pretty much just for weekend afternoon giggles, though I'm rather enjoying the design of this fellow, so I may make an attempt at finish.  I could do with a bit of texturing.  It's been too long!

Different angles for the viewing

And another...
This one just hacked into a sphere, obviously, but little faces with a lot of character are exceptionally fun to do.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Major Wilson Trickett - a WIP

Just doing a bit of character portraiture lately.  Big-necked man with tan-line on head!  Tom Selleck moustaches!  Big mech suit!  Toothpick!  Caterpillar eyebrows!

Can you tell I <3 faces?

Monday, 7 February 2011

Vodun Demon

I was digging through my archive of photos and found some process pieces of this guy:

All finished up -- I'm pretty happy with how he came out.  The raffia I used in the ties was a really good find -- it holds its shape very well so you can really get a lot of movement out of it when it's short.  Quite stiff stuff, and easy to find at craft stores.  The foliage on the base was actually thyme, chervil a bit more raffia and some red foliage that model train enthusiasts use for trees.  There's a little muddy puddle there too - it's made from epoxy and brown paint.  Was fun to put a bit more thought into the base on this guy.  Mostly super sculpey though, as always.  His weapons are made from Milliput -- which is nice for things that are too thin for sculpey to handle.  Sculpey that thin would be very brittle and break easily.  Milliput is not as easily workable as sculpey, but is much stronger and ideal for these sort of thing.

As for WIPs, you can see kind of how I was thinking with this guy.  The feat of getting him to stand on one foot as though running was the hardest part of the armature.  In the end I sculpted everything except his foot but left the wire long, then sculpted the base with a hole for the wire to stick into, then secured the whole business with epoxy putty.  I wouldn't recommend this technique for the beginner, but in the end it was quite effective.

And the original sketch -- I am rather glad I decided to change the pose (looks a bit here like he needs to go to the bathroom), but I think I pretty successfully managed to carry over what I liked about the drawing.