Saturday, 3 September 2011

Green Dragon

Oh, what creativity I display in naming my posts...
Sorry there's been no post in a while, guys.  I humbly offer up this little fellow as an apology.

I do have an excuse, however -- lately I've been in the process of moving over to California, soon to start work as a concept artist at nowhere else but Blizzard Entertainment!  Hopefully when I'm settled I'll be able to be a bit more regular with the updates again.


  1. Wow! Both to this piece but also for the Blizzard gig.

  2. you may be excused...

    this is great!

  3. Congrats! I can't wait to see what you produce there.. Nice dragon too.

  4. Your work is soooooo beautiful and great! You deserve this job, 'cause your art is incredible!
    (opens big sparkling eyes and smile)

  5. nice drawing, and sweet dealio with the whole blizzard job thing, cool!

  6. welcome to the west-side. You're going to want to start working on your cali-swag. pronto.

  7. I think your work is just FANTASTIC!! would you ever consider a quick tutorial?

    keep it coming!

  8. i see you love gummy candy :D, me to
    nice work


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