Wednesday, 1 February 2012

World of Warcraft TCG - Lumbering Oaf

Sorry for the lack of posting, everybody!  Though I've got a little bit more -- a card I did last year for the WoW card game.  These are always super fun.  I'm glad I've had the chance to work with these guys.


  1. Super Awesome! Love your work!

  2. Amazing. Your texturing kills me.

  3. Hey^^ you art is amazing.. Plz let me know about the software are u using for coloring yours works...i can imagine "corel painter" what the initial brushes are u use? Thank you a lot for yours fantastic work"
    So sry for my bad English!

  4. Your artwork is breathtaking. I found you blog through searching "Jonathan Strange". That one of Jonathan Strange was oh so delightful that I had to search the rest of your blog... Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

    - RD Steamgray of -

  5. Hey Tully! Im a huge fan of your style! Keep up the great work! Id love to see some more WIP if you can get around to it! I thought I read you use mostly default PS brushes but I'd like to know more! Do use brush opacity or do you paint opaquely? Any who big props and keep up the great work! Thanks!


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