Monday, 6 January 2014

Orc Bust

A few months ago I did a bust of a Warcraft orc as a demo at Blizzcon.  Just finished him up and took some photos!

He was auctioned off to support the Children's Hospital of Orange County.   Thanks to everybody who donated!


  1. Looks awesome! What kind of material do you use to do these sculpts?

  2. WOW, wow wow and not the game...I seriously can't believe i have never heard of you til now... you're truly amazing!!!

  3. This is awesome! Do you mind telling us what kind of clay you use for you sculpture. And the type of paint to color it? Did you have to bake it before you paint it? Thanks Tully. You are such an amazing artist

  4. Great work as always, Tully! :)))


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