Wednesday, 23 March 2011

William Snow

An unfinished piece of a character.  I do like me some stippling.

Pen and Ink

Detail -- Pen and ink

I'm pretty sure his clothes aren't entirely historically accurate -- but being persnickity on that is something for a day where I have more energy.


  1. Incredible work, I really like the sculptures!

  2. I find your working amazing. I love the fact that you can transcend different mediums and still rock out stunning pieces of work.

    If you like reading, you should try a book by James McGee Resurrectionist. It's full of fantastic characters and the story is set in victorian London and revolves around grave digging and body snatching!
    (it may be helpful for ideas)

  3. Fantastic works !
    Thanks for sharing your inspiration.

  4. Very nice job. Love that old print look! congrats

  5. Hi Laurel,
    I can't lie, i did not know your work until now
    but after seeing it and your interview at idrawgirls i'm enjoying it.
    Thanks for sharing some knowledge. ;)

  6. Hot stuff all around. I had such an enjoyable time visiting your blog.

  7. u are a beast 'Tully' found you from CGHUB. big fan of your sculptures & digi-paints! :)


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