Friday, 6 May 2011

Dragon Head - Texture WIP

Over the past few weeks I decided to do a low poly and texture for that zbrush sketch I did recently.  Not finished, but I had some fun hacking into it.  I've a plan to do different colour variations -- I'm thinking bronze and orange would be badass too.


  1. Beautiful texture and values as per usual. I would love to the the uv as well if you feel like posting it :3

  2. Interesting work, so the designs for the characters in Brink came from you?

    Ive heard female characters were being planned to be added and that you guys tinkered with the idea for a while, shame it didn't happen.

    Was there any sort of concept art for them?

  3. Nameloi: Yep, I did the character concept art for the game. There were concepts for female characters very early on, but they were generally before we nailed the style and don't really fit in with the eventual final game.