Friday, 7 January 2011

Brink Characters

One very nice thing about this time in the production of a game is that a lot of concepts get released.  I can actually show people that I have indeed been producing art for all these years!  BRINK's characters were awesome to work on.  It was challenging, but obviously really rewarding to pin down the aesthetic for both teams and design the tons of different customisation assets that people will eventually use to make all their own characters.

It's difficult not to invest personally when working on one project for so long. Fortunately it seems to have worked out, and there is nothing more awesome than being able to see other people take the things you've designed and make them come alive. The trailer by Blur Studios was a particular treat.

That's all for now.  With luck will be able to post more later.


  1. Os concepts dos personagens estão entre os melhores que já vi!Muito Bom *-*

  2. Thanks for the props about the Brink trailer. I was fortunate enough to animate on that one. Definitely a fun project.

    Your designs for the game were stellar. I love the pushed anatomy. Absolutely fantastic!


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