Thursday, 20 January 2011

Phineas J. Hartley Esq.

Some time ago, I was overcome with the urge to do Victorian etching-style pen portraits of animals wearing human clothes.  The result is this: Phineas J. Hartley Esq.  A somewhat ornery Scottish artist-gentleman who spends more of his free time tromping about the highlands than at the Edinburgh University anatomy school where he is at times paid to help record dissections.

He's been sitting in a pad of paper in a corner for about a year, but after a trip to the highlands recently (and seeing one of these deer in the wild for the first time) I was compelled to finish him.

Though you can't really tell from this image, it's quite a big drawing.  For scale reference, and also a preliminary sketch, check after the jump.

Preliminary Sketch - pencil in 5x7" sketchbook

Maybe it's not SO incredibly huge.  Darned if that's not a lot of cross-hatching, bit too big for my current desk

I have the comfiest of workspaces

I even managed not to get any ink on my blankets.  Go me.


  1. Amazing Work! So Much Inspiring work here.

    Thanks for posting!!

  2. great stuff! so different from the Brink characters yet the same level of quality.

  3. omaaaaagaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad you're a girl!!!??? :):):)
    now i love you even more!

    thank you so much for your comment over at CGhub, it really means a lot.
    skeletor is one of my favorite characters ever, i'm so glad you like it! :)

    i love your work, and will be tuned from now on!


  4. This is awesome, this should be printed as a wall poster. I'd definitely get one :D

    A lot of cross-hatching indeed.

  5. haha. not the blankets! very nice stuff LD

  6. This is amazing. Is it possible to order a full size print?

  7. Darren Gorthey: Unfortunately it's not at the moment! The picture I have is not quite high enough resolution to do a full sized print, but I'm looking at getting better scans taken. I will do a post on it here when I manage to get something together, so do keep checking back. Thanks!

  8. congrats! beautiful work, here in Brazil most of the artists are men, it is great to see the work of a woman, there is an instinct differential sensitivity magnificent!

  9. I'm still waiting for the poster :p

  10. would also love a print of this, beautiful work


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