Monday, 3 January 2011


I've been posting images of this guy around in various places.  He's a Styracosaurus by the name of Bucephalus, who carries an as yet unnamed (not to mention unfinished) tinker on his back.  Unfortunately I haven't got around to finishing it, though plan to eventually.  I haven't made a point yet of posting these in any coherent way.  I always forget to take process shots while I'm working, but I was trying to be good with this guy.

Semi-early shots -- you'll see I really don't work very evenly on this. The smaller details are often more fun than getting the larger shapes right first. I don't actually recommend working this way for professional pieces, but if you're just having fun in your spare time you can do it however you like. Using Super Sculpey Firm here, with aluminum armature wire and aluminum foil.

Here's the dinosaur sculpt finished, and sprayed with a brown base-coat. Also some images of the beginning of the rider. Unfortunately (though you can obviously not tell scale from this photo) the head of the tinker ended up a bit too big. I'll likely remake it, but it was quite a successful as a test of materials. The flesh is regular Super Sculpey and the hair doll hair. If you use the flesh-coloured sculpey and do washes of greys and reds over it, it makes quite convincing skin I find. Doll hair also is absolutely fantastic. I suppose this is precisely the sort of thing it's made for, so I shouldn't be surprised, but I was very pleased at how good it was to work with.

And here you see the paint-job. It's not absolutely finished, but the finer points won't likely to too visible in these photos (though in real life it will make a large difference). Obviously the packs and tools will need attaching and the rider finishing, but I think he's coming on pretty decently at this stage. Just need to nudge myself to finish.


  1. Man Thats awesome stuff. Keep them coming.

  2. Really amazing stuff Tully!

    Oh and thanks for becoming my latest blog stalker ;)

  3. Your artwork and style are amazing !

  4. Just found your site today...beautiful, awesome work!!! Especially like the sculpts...please post more!!

    I love what you've done with the Sculpey Firm clay...I haven't used it much ...lean towards the "super" myself. You can check my site, if you're curious about some goofy things I make "just for fun". Look for the "Sculpture" Labels.


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