Sunday, 30 January 2011

Goblin Sculpture

Keeping with the theme of goblin-type fantasy creatures, I've done some new photos of a sculpture!  Just a personal piece.  It was an exercise at working at a larger scale (about 1:4 in this case).   I found it quite rewarding to be able to put a bit more detail in, so I may have to try again.  At least some busts!  Those would tend to be quicker than the full-body maquettes I've tended to do in the past. 

And some work-in-progress images for those who are interested.  In some ways I liked this guy more before he was painted -- could see a lot more detail in the skin, but that's why we just have document the process!  Need to get more stringent with that, actually.  I always find WIP stuff from other artists fascinating.

Cheers for looking!


  1. do you have a boyfriend, or husband, or any type of life partner???
    if not, i will proudly like to apply for any of these positions :):):)

    pure awesomeness!!!

    keep 'em coming,

  2. I am on my Knees, looking at Your awesome Artwork! You are a Genius to me and I am highly honored,You added me to Your Blog-List! It really means a lot to me :-)!

    Cheers Olav

  3. your skills are so great. thanks you for sharing

  4. Woah, that's pretty huge. It looks awesome with all it's little details!

    I often find the clean version of sculpts just as awesome if not more awesome than the painted version. It's a shame when paint hides a lot of the tiny details of the sculpt, on the other hand paint can add so much to a sculpt as well.
    I guess the only way to have both is by making a mold and keep the original :p

    What's the blue thing holding your sculpt, it looks pretty useful to work on your sculpt in different angles.

    Also, microsoft ergonomic keyboards ftw! ;)

  5. Thanks guys

    Olav, you've got a great blog! Love those little pen portraits. Keep it up :)

    MeintevdS, it's a dremel multi-vice. It is actually super-useful. If you do any sculpting at this scale I recommend it. Makes it much easier to move the thing around without touching too much.

  6. Thank you so much Tully! Yes I will! :-)

  7. A thing you can do to pick out little details is highlight right under them, intensifying the overall light and shadow situation on the sculpture with the paint job might also help a little bit. Because the sculpture is smaller than life size you can increase the contrast to make smaller details more visible. I have never tried such things on a 1:4 scale but on smaller stuff it works great!
    Love all the stuff you got on here! Keep making great art :-)



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